Project Description

Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero-D CINE – Arri PL

The new Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero-D CINE in Arri PL mount is the Laowa 12mm Zero-D Lens – Cinema version with integrated follow focus gearing. ideal wide angle option for both professional cinema and mirrorless cameras.


  • Arri PL Mount

  • CINE version

  • Full frame compatible

  • T2.9 f/2.8 aperture

  • Super close focus

  • Near zero distortion

  • Super multi-layer coating

  • Manual focus only

  • A great architectural lens

  • Low chromatic aberration

With Full Frame coverage, which even covers Vista Vision (Vista Vision is a little bigger than full frame) such as Red Monstro 8k camera.With features as the non cine version, Close-to-Zero Distortion,122 degrees FoV, and is Super Compact (87mm) & Lightweight (635g) makes this a great lens for professional use including movies, TV, documentary, commercials, music videos.

One of the biggest strengths of this lens is its super close focus ability – it can focus from 18cm from sensor, around 10cm from front element to the subject, making it extremely adaptable for creative cinematography.

Perfect Ultra wide angle for large format cameras, The Laowa 12mm t/2.9 has no direct competitors with this lens, being so compact, light, fast, and with close to ZERO distortion. Also great for the Professional Cine market, Super 35 sensor (smaller, similar size as APS-C) the ultra wide angle still gives a very wide view, with the all the other benefits of the lens, and being Full Frame ready.

As the Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero-D CINE is so compact in its class, it is also great for use with gimbals and stabilisers. For Youtube Video, Corporate jobs, travel Vlog, etcOR people aspiring to below professional filmmakers will all love this lens.

Most Ultra Wide Angle lenses suffer from an optical distortion rate from 2-5% which causes straight lines to bend. LAOWA Zero-D lenses extremely well corrected, they achieve a close-to-zero distortion rate that is truly amazing for such an ultra wide lens. The distortion rate is measured from shooting objects at infinity focus. The distortion rate may vary for shorter camera to object distances.

Currently the fastest full-frame, non-fisheye 12mm lens in the market, the LAOWA 12mm f/2.8 Lens covers an ultra-wide 122° angle of view, allowing creating outstanding landscape or architectural shot not possible with other lenses. It also performs very well in panning, or panoramic photo and video applications. The optical design features a 16 lens elements in 10 groups with 3 Extra-Low Dispersion glass elements and 2 Aspherical Elements. This patented optical design delivers a high resolution from corners to corners, even in wide open (T2.9 / f/2.8). Chromatic Aberration is also well controlled.


  • Lens model: Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero-D CINE

  • Mount: Arri PL

  • Format: Full frame

  • Focal Length: 12mm

  • Equivalent focal length: 12mm (full frame), 18mm (APS-C)

  • Angle of view: 121.96 degrees

  • Lens construction: 16 elements in 10 groups

  • Optical stabiliser: No

  • Maximum aperture: f2.8

  • Minimum aperture: f22

  • Aperture blades: 7 (rounded)

  • Focus system: Manual focus

  • Minimum focusing distance: 0.18m

  • Maximum magnification: –

  • Included accessories: Lens cap, rear lens cap, lens hood

  • Optional accessories: Filter holder

  • Dimensions: Length 87mm

  • Weight: 675g