Project Description

The Cooke S4 set has a top aperture of T 2 along all the focal range. Produced at the end of the 90s and equipped with a standard PL mount, these lenses are well known for their smoothness and low contrast. They also offer amazingly truthful skin tones and perform very well even wide open.

Focal lenghth & Technical specifications:

Focal T-Stop Min. Focus Weight Front D. Size Filters
18mm T2 0.64m 1.6Kg 110mm 4×5.65
25mm T2 0.64m 1.6Kg 110mm 4×5.65
32mm T2 1.52m 1.85Kg 110mm 4×5.65
40mm T2 2.16m 2Kg 110mm 4×5.65
50mm T2 3.3m 1.5Kg 110mm 4×5.65
75mm T2 1.25m 1.75g 110mm 4×5.65
100mm T2 1.41m 2kg 110mm 4×5.65
135mm T2 1.84m 2.25Kg 110mm 4×5.65