Project Description

The Cooke S4 set has a top aperture of T 2 along all the focal range. Produced at the end of the 90s and equipped with a standard PL mount, these lenses are well known for their smoothness and low contrast. They also offer amazingly truthful skin tones and perform very well even wide open.

Optional Uncoated Front Elements for the S4 Series

Uncoated front elements for the Cooke S4 series


The uncoated front elements offer more choices to cinematographers, with lower contrast, milkier shadows, flares, streaks and other aberrations that give a vintage look.

Available for each lens in the set.

Light loss is about 10%, so depending on the lens, maximum T-stop is around T2.2 (instead of T2.0) with the uncoated front.

Focal lenghth & Technical specifications:

Focal T-Stop Min. Focus Weight Front D. Size Filters
18mm T2 0.64m 1.6Kg 110mm 4×5.65
25mm T2 0.64m 1.6Kg 110mm 4×5.65
32mm T2 1.52m 1.85Kg 110mm 4×5.65
40mm T2 2.16m 2Kg 110mm 4×5.65
50mm T2 3.3m 1.5Kg 110mm 4×5.65
75mm T2 1.25m 1.75g 110mm 4×5.65
100mm T2 1.41m 2kg 110mm 4×5.65
135mm T2 1.84m 2.25Kg 110mm 4×5.65