Project Description

About the Elite Anamorphic MK IVs

Elite anamorphics are modern Russian-made anamorphic lenses. They are sharp and clean and more corrected than vintage anamorphic lenses, but they still have the characteristics that cinematographers are looking for when they want to shoot scope. However they are big, heavy lenses that are perfect for certain shoots, but cumbersome for others.

“From a shooter’s standpoint, I love the images they produce. The goal is to get that character, and they’re really good at providing that unique characteristic.”
Matthew Duclos, Duclos Lenses


Focal Length Max Aperture Min. Focus Distance Weight Front Diameter
40mm T2.1 40″ – 101.6 cm 6.2 kg 156mm
50mm T2.1 40″ – 101.6 cm 6.2 kg 156mm
75mm T2.1 40″ – 101.6 cm 6.2 kg 156mm
100mm T2.1 40″ – 101.6 cm 6.2 kg 124mm

These lenses are based on the LOMO “Round Front” optical designs, but with improved mechanics. The housings are new, but still use threaded focus drive. Focus scales are greatly improved over the LOMO version.