Project Description

1. Alexa Mini/RED DSMC2 camera top plate
2. Ronin 2 top dovetail adapter
3. Power breakout for Top plate
4. Quick release top handle with 19/15mm mount for EVF/monitors
5. LW15mm Bridge Plate for tripod/handheld mode
6. Carbon side plate to hold your choice of FIZ MDR/HD wireless systems
7. Wide Focus rail mount (80mm width) for FIZ motors with large lenses

Included cables:
– Ronin 2 Accessory Lemo to 2 pin lemo to power the breakout on the top plate
– D tap to 2 pin to power the breakout when in Handheld/tripod mode
– 2 pin to your MDR power input
– 2 pin to your HD wireless system power input