Project Description

The Tilta Lightweight Gimbal Support System is specifically designed to support smaller handheld gimbals for longer periods of time.

The Waist Vest features a height adjustable adapter that allows you to mount the DJI RS2, RSC2, RS3 or RS3 Pro via the bottom of the battery handle or the extended grip tripod.

You can then attach the included Dual Handle Brackets to your gimbal and use the Shoulder Straps and Support Straps to attach the Handles to the Vest.

This creates multiple points of contact, allowing you to operate more comfortably and steadily while allowing you to go hands free if needed. (user discretion is advised)

The handles themselves can be rotated in various positions in order to accommodate comfortable operation for many different configurations.

The brackets that connect the handles to the gimbal via NATO, include mounting points such as 1/4″-20 and Cold Shoe in order to accommodate additional accessories.