Project Description

Many monitoring tools and assist functions are built into this monitor including a movable 1:1 pixel zoom mode, waveform, vectorscope, audio level meters, zebras, false color, blue-only, on-screen markers for aspect ratio/safety, monochrome focus assist, an internal color-bar/pattern generator, DSLR scale, and more. The monitor can be powered via the included adapter or by using separately available battery plates.

Temperature Adaptive Color

The panel adjusts its own color temperature in accordance with the physical temperature of the screen for consistent performance over time.

Audio Monitoring Options

An internal speaker and headphone output can be used for monitoring audio embedded into incoming HDMI or SDI signals. Built-in audio level meters provide a visual guide to prevent unwanted clipping.

User Interface

A single knob and two buttons provide the entire physical interface for intuitive menu navigation and quick function access.

Monitoring Tools

2x movable zoom
Monochrome/color focus peaking
H/V delay
Range error detection
Internal pattern generator
Markers and safety areas
1:1 pixel display
DSLR scale
On-screen tally indicator