Project Description

lens cuff

As a thought experiment, ThE LEns Cuff began around late 2018…
The idea was to move the mounting point of the Follow Focus motors from the base or somewhere around the camera body, to the lens itself and make a closed system that is no longer affected by external forces and in turn does not affect any external forces to the camera or the surrounding system. And after a few chunky 3D printed prototypes the idea was shelved.
Due to other obligations, scheduled shoots, unexpected VFX jobs, etc, development was pushed back. Until the 2020 pandemic when we were forced to stay at home with my expectant wife staring at my new 3D printer wondering what to do… And in one evening, armed with patience and a lot of inspiration, I came up with the current shape and form. Based on the General Theory of Relativity, “The Relativity Mount” was born!
So, as a DP or 1st AC, you’d think that asking an assistant on set to “go fetch a Relativity Mount” would be a mouthful and you’d be right.
Looking back to the initial design where two halves were locked in place with a screw, it started to look more like a handcuff… and so ThE LEns Cuff became a thing!

114mm lens cuff

What’s included:

Set 2 Lens Cuff Sizes: 75mm, 85mm, 95mm, 114mm

4x The Lens Cuff, each with 3x inserts/donuts to adapt to smaller sizes (see technical data)
4x Stubby 15mm rail with 4x Sprig for optimal cable management.
4x Alcantara pouch to protect your Lens Cuff and your equipment.
1x Custom Nanuk 908 case to carry them all.

The Lens Cuff sizes and compatible diameters with included inserts/donuts:

  • 75mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 72.5mm, ⌀ 70mm & ⌀ 67.5mm
  • 85mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 82.5mm, ⌀ 80mm & ⌀ 77.5mm
  • 95mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 92.5mm, ⌀ 90mm & ⌀ 87.5mm
  • 114mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 110mm, ⌀ 105mm & ⌀ 100mm


  • Machined from a single block of Aircraft grade Aluminium 6082
  • Stealth Carbon Black Hard Anodised
  • Custom spring loaded wingnut fasteners with standard M4 threads
  • Low-profile lens support foot with 1/4 20 thread and Arri Standard orienting pins
  • Symmetrical 2x 15mm rail clamps