Project Description

Second Wave brings stability
With the Second Wave® Teleprompter Tripod we once again succeeded in fulfilling this high aspiration.

The core features of the Second Wave Teleprompter Tripod are:
* professional tripod system
* 100mm head
* Panning options: 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically
* carrying capacity 13 kg
* Material of the tripod: Aluminium
* 3 sections // double expandable
* Extendable floor spider, allows deeper camera position
* illuminated water level, simple operation in the dark
* Quick release system with safety lock, holds the camera securely
* movable camera plate to adjust the center of gravity of the camera/prompter
* fast and safe assembly, thanks to large adjustment knobs
* Bag included in delivery

Technical data:
Weight: 7,7 Kg
Load capacity: 13 Kg
Transport length: 88 cm
Minimum height: 51 cm
Maximum height: 170 cm

Second Wave® has set the goal to develop high-quality devices of the second generation. The selected devices go through a strict selection process to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.