Project Description

Proaim Gimbal Docking Bracket is Professionally & Precisely designed for all 3-Axis Gimbals.
The High-Grade CNC aluminum construction offers a payload capacity of up to 30 kg / 66lbs.
It connects to any 5/8′′ pin on C-Stands secured by a knob, enabling you to mount it on your device.

The dock is adjustable in width and length & it also has index markings on both sides.
Marking makes it easier to remember which configuration we have used and alteration as Gimbal also made easy with this.
It allows you to balance and hold gimbals of different sizes by extending the bracket broader or narrower.
The hooks on the ends come with the lever locks to keep Gimbal protected.


It has convenient tool holder attached to the bracket, with holes for screwdrivers or Allen wrenches to be inserted for any nearby onset adjustments.
Docking Bracket can be used as a holder for balancing or supporting your gimbal/camera configuration in-between shots.