Project Description

An All-Rounder

Work in the studio or outdoors in the most agile way with Proaim Professional Wheeled Workstation Cart.
A portable rolling cart station for traveling professionals, camera operators, photographers, videographers, etc.
It is crafted in a combination of the robust Alpha Stand, locking wheels, the VESA Monitor Mount, a workstation platform, and an accessory tray.
It is precisely engineered equipment with High-Quality Material that lets you configure your setup in any way you want and easily makes adjustments in time.

Proaim Laptop worksation

Modular & Efficient Workstation

The whole workstation is built upon a sturdy Proaim Alpha stand, a fully height adjustable Stand with a 5/8 baby pin mount that offers you endless mounting options.
The workstation platform with edges on all four sides attaches to mid-stand, letting you secure an laptop, case, or other gear.
And the accessory tray mounts to the base of the stand provide convenience for gear like battery packs, extra lenses, backup cameras, and more.

Roll It Smoothly

This professional workstation cart comes equipped with pneumatic wheels so that you can roll or transport the stand smoothly across the floor.
And the use of Pneumatic wheels instead of the industry-standard rubber wheels makes sure that the overall setup remains light, smooth and sturdy.
Each wheel is secured to the standing leg and has a specially designed footbrake that keeps the stand completely steady, stable, and secure for reliable parking.
These brakes ensure that they don’t become loose over time even when the tires experience some wear and tear and the thickness decreases.