Project Description

HD/SD SDI / with Waveform

This multi-format monitor was designed especially for broadcasting service and business use, delivering outstanding color reproduction, a wide viewing angle, and high-speed response. It is equipped with SDI (HD/SD compatible), VIDEO, Y/C, YPBPR/RGB input jacks and supports both NTSC and PAL TV broadcasts.

• High-speed response
• Multi-format capability
• Built-in Waveform monitoring function
• Freeze frame
• Split screen (live input + freeze frame)
• Two SDI HD/SD inputs (auto sensing)
• Component input
• Faithful colour reproduction
(closely matches chromatic ranges of CRT monitors)
• Frame maker lines (4:3 / 16:9 / 2.35:1)
• Amplified stereo speakers
• Colour temperature selection
• Cine Gamma compensation
• GPI and RS-232C
• AC or DC Power

Output terminal: SDI input: BNC x 2 (HD/SD auto-select)
SDI output: BNC x 1 Through output
Component input: BNC x 3 (Y/Pb/Pr, RGB switching)
RGB compatible with PC input
Composite input: BNC x 1
Composite output: BNC x 1
S-video input: 4pin x 1
S-video output: 4pin x 1
Audio input: PHONO x 2 (L/R)
Viewing angle: 176° Horizontal / Vertical
Panel size: 17-inch (diagonal)
Pixel count: 1,280 x 768 dots (WXGA)
Panel aspect: 16:9
External remote: GPI (D-SUB 9pin), RS-232C (D-SUB 9pin)
Power supply: AC 100V – 240V, 50/60Hz, DC 12V
Power consumption: 0.6 – 1.1 A (target)
External Dimensions: (W x H x D) 430 x 309 x 79 mm
Weight: 6.6 kg / 14.5 lbs