Project Description

The Brilliant 4×5.65/138mm Variable Neutral Density Filter is designed to fit in 4×5.65″ matte boxes, occupying 2 slots in the matte box. It is constructed using two 138mm circular polarisers with MC Anti-Reflection Coating. One of the polarisers rotates and the other is fixed. The Brilliant Variable ND provides ND values between ND 0.6 (2 Stops) and ND 2.1 (8 Stops) with excellent neutral colour. Visible light is attenuated as well as near infrared light from 700 nm to 850nm, giving good control of “IR Pollution” with camera sensors sensitive to infrared.

The unique tray mount design allows quick and easy insertion into the matte box.  Because it’s constructed with two circular polarisers, it functions perfectly when inserted in either orientation. The handle has a standard 1/4 20 thread to allow mounting a motor for fade effects. If the motor is synchronised with the lens aperture a variable depth of field effect can be achieved.

The Brilliant Variable ND works with Arri, Bright Tangerine, Chrosziel and Vocas and other professional cine matte boxes that have 2 or 3 filter stages.