Project Description


One 48V, one 28V and one 15V Output – totally 1232Wh give you a lot of power storage – usable for High power LED lights – and any other suitable film equipment. Get a maximum of 40 Amps out of the 28V Output, 10 Amps out of the 48V Output and 8 Amps out of the 15V Output. The indicator LCD shows you the status of the battery. For charging – use the PL-7115 charger – charges your battery in 10.5 hours.


Capacity: 1232Wh / 47.6Ah

Input: PL-7115 Charger (30VDC / 5A)

Outputs:  CH1 48V /10A (max.) CH2: 28V / 40A (max.) CH3: 15V / 8A (max.) USB-A: 5V / 2A

Weight: 10,000g

Dimension: 280(L)mm×168(W)mm×189(H)mm